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Sharpening Spiritual Sensitivity Part 1 — Apostle Arome Osayi

Turn your Bible to the book of Numbers. The book of Numbers chapter 11. We'll do a short reading, then we'll take another scripture from the book of John, then we'll begin our journey. We'll do a teaching for a few minutes, 25-30 minutes, then we'll go for practical. We'll do teaching, then we'll do...


Sharpening Spiritual Sensitivity Part 1 — Apostle Arome Osayi

Turn your Bible to the book of Numbers. The book of Numbers...

The Compelling Power of the Spirit | Apostle Michael Orokpo Apostle Michael Orokpo

pastor elvis
Deep Wisdom For Marriage: The Purpose of the Woman Every Man Should Know | Pastor Elvis Agyemang Pastor Elvis Agyemang

pastor elvis agyemang
The First Law of Marriage You Should Know Before You Marry | Pastor Elvis Agyemang Pastor Elvis Agyemang

Koinonia: Ancients Secrets Of Power and Relevance | Apostle Joshua Selman Apostle Joshua Selman

The Essence of Salvation | Apostle Michael Orokpo Apostle Michael Orokpo

joseph Addai kusi
The Reason Humility is Very Necessary | Joseph Addai Kusi

Today, I want to share with you why humility is important. First...

Take Everything to Jesus
Take Everything To Jesus | Morning Prayer

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received was take...

The New and Living Way – Rev. Dr. George Wilfred Arthur Rev. Dr. George Wilfred Arthur

the law of honor
The Law of Honor: The Most Important Law Affecting Everything in Your Life – Joseph Addai Kusi

There is a link between wisdom, honor, and favor. Now, throughout the...

envy and jealousy
The Difference Between Envy and Jealousy – Joseph Addai Kusi

Many people do not understand the nature of Envy in the world...

Judgement on Satan and his Demons – Ishamel O. Anane


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The Poem of Creation – Dr. George W. Arthur

Rev. Dr. George W. Arthur
The Olivet Prophecy – Rev. Dr. George W. Arthur

rev george wilfred arthur
Captured Into Glory 2 – Rev. Dr. George W. Arthur

rev george arthur
Captured Into Glory 1 – Dr. George W. Arthur

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A Good Minister of Christ – Prophet Edem Julius Cudjoe

Ancient Landmark
Ancient Landmark – Rev Dr. George Wilfred Arthur

hosting His Presence
Hosting His Presence – Prophet Edem Julius Cudjoe

spiritual warfare
Spiritual Warfare – Arch. Nicholas Duncan-Williams

--- Many believers ask why we must fight when Christ has already won...

beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
Christ, The Surety of All Things – Joseph Addai Kusi

By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament....

Grace for Work – Elvis Agyemang

Life is in stages, what you are destined to do now, you...

 Hebrews. 4:12-13. The J.A.Kusi version.

 Heb. 4:12-13. The J.A.Kusi version. "For the Word of God is an electric...

What makes a Man of God Complete – Joseph Addai Kusi

A complete minister of Jesus Christ must be trained in the fear...

pastors and ministry
10 Things Everyone Should Understand About Pastors and Ministry. – Joseph Addai Kusi

1) The ministry is not a social thing that can be reckoned...

the billionaire status
The Billionaire Status ~ Joseph Addai Kusi

For as long as the world has been, men have adventured themselves...

The Power of Doctrine – Joseph Addai Kusi

The church in the first three years of her advent was an...

christ our sufficiency
Christ Our Sufficiency – Joseph Addai Kusi

  No meat offering which ye shall bring to the Lord shall be...

pastor wealthy financially
Why should a Pastor be financially wealthy – J. A. Kusi

Of late, I have repeatedly seen blogs criticizing very wealthy clergymen, especially...

great house
BUT IN A GREAT HOUSE ~ Joseph Addai Kusi

But in a great house, there are not only vessels of gold...

knowing the prophet
Knowing The Prophets – Joseph Addai Kusi

KNOWING THE PROPHETS If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer...

market place of life
The Market Place of Life – Joseph Addai Kusi

  Life is not a joke. God did not create man to come...

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