What makes a Man of God Complete – Joseph Addai Kusi

What makes a Man of God Complete – Joseph Addai Kusi

A complete minister of Jesus Christ must be trained in the fear of God, and all its uses. He must be conditioned to perfectly represent the authority and integrity of God. On this point there can be no room for error. This training comes from God’s own dealing in his life, it takes time, suffering, brokenness,patience and study. Otherwise you will do things “for God” and “for people” that will destroy the work of God. eg. Saul, Aaron.

The lesson of obedience is based on brokenness. And brokenness comes from the work of the cross in one’s life. Without it, you can become very gifted but practically useless in God’s hands. The man of God must be ready to uphold the foolishness of God, and appear foolish before the world and even the church. The above concern inward preparation. Now let’s talk about the work.

A man of God, if he can be called that, must be thoroughly cooked and stewed and grilled in the knowledge of the holy, which is understanding. He must love the word of God and train himself in it everyday both for his personal walk and for his ministry. He must stabilize his times with knowledge, wisdom and strength of salvation. There was a time when men of God could preach or teach on anything exhaustively and in the full Spirit without prior notice or referring to their Bibles. That is why I say I am throwback preacher. Old school types are rare.

Also, the man of God must know the Spirit, and be full of the Spirit. He must be spiritual. You can benefit no one, preaching in the strength of your flesh. The ministry of Jesus Christ is a  supernatural ministry, and here is the key: it doesn’t matter if you sing or write books; it must be full of the Spirit.

Even if there are no physical manifestations, it must be supernatural, because of the Spirit. The Spirit is fire; the man of God must be fire, able to burn, refine and consume. The Spirit is water, the man of God must be water, able to quench the spiritual thirst of those who hear him and refresh them with life. The Spirit is wind; the man of God must be wind, able to move in the way of the Spirit, which no one knows. He must blow where it lists. The Spirit is truth; the man of God must have revelation of truth and know how to use it. it is thus that the prophetic character of the man of God is established. A complete minister has a prophetic profile. He must have the wherewithal to speak for God today.

The goal of the supernatural ministry is not to raise cripples or open blind eyes. It is to give witness to the word of God. The man of God must be so anointed in the Spirit that by his hand, God can, if he wants to, meet every need of the hour. A complete minister has a record of wide ranging and unrelated testimonies in all manner of things; healing, deliverance, prophecy, raising up God’s people, miracles, as the Spirit wills.

Prayer, the Word, and years of knowing and walking with the Spirit and in obedience make one anointed in this way.

So please don’t look at the office of the man of God as a collection of abilities, decisions and circumstances that can be easily done. It’s not as it looks. It’s deeper than that. But all of us who preach must strive to attain a state of being, a vessel God can truly use.

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