The Law of Honor: The Most Important Law Affecting Everything in Your Life – Joseph Addai Kusi

the law of honor

The Law of Honor: The Most Important Law Affecting Everything in Your Life – Joseph Addai Kusi

There is a link between wisdom, honor, and favor. Now, throughout the entire scripture, the Bible, everything God tells us to do has something to do with honor. There are 10 commandments. Four of them are about honoring God and four of them are about honoring men. Now any good thing you’re gonna see, your experience in life will have something to do with someone you honored.

Anything that goes wrong will have something to do with someone you dishonored. So the law of honor is very important. Everything depends on the law of Honor. Now, what do I mean? Let’s begin with wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the ability to see things as God sees them. The ability to tell a difference, and photograph new ones. It is the ability to anticipate a consequence. So your grandmother can look at you and say, Kofi, this thing you are doing, this is how it ends. The ability to anticipate the outcome or the consequence is what we call wisdom.

A fool is someone who cannot understand anything beyond their present feeling or situation. Now, wherever there’s wisdom there is honor. Why do we honor the law of God? Why do we honor God? We honor God because of who He is and we understand who God is from the viewpoint of ourselves. So I know how great and  Majestic God is because I know how human and maybe small I am. The Bible says God created the heavens. He garnish the heavens and stretched out the heavens like a curtain.

So, I look at that difference and I say, oh, that’s God’s difference from us, his majesty His might, His power, his Wonder. So wisdom is the ability to tell the difference between you and someone else. So if you cannot correctly measure the difference between you and your dad, for instance, you cannot honor your dad properly. There are people I know who are quarreling with their moms. Why are you quarreling with your mom?

You talk to your mom as if she’s one of your school friends.  it’s because you are not somebody who can correctly measure a difference. Your mom carried you in the womb for nine months and brought you into the world. I  never argue with my mom because I understand her difference, it doesn’t mean she’s a perfect person, or she does everything right, but my understanding of her difference is wisdom.

And that difference, I want to respect the difference between me and her and that is an honor. So fools honor nobody because they don’t understand the difference between anybody. They cannot tell the difference between themselves and anybody. A fool talks to a King like he talks to a pauper, a fool talks to his dad like he talks to his younger brother because he cannot really understand or honor the difference between others and himself. So wherever there is wisdom there is honor. This is the law of Honor.

Now, wherever there’s honor there is favor. What is favor? Favor simply is I like you. You come for a job interview with seven others. There’s just something about you I like. I cannot put my finger on it but I like you. So I choose you. Favor means I like you. I Choose You. Now you’re never going to get favor from anybody without honor. When you meet somebody and you respect their difference from you. Let’s talk about your boss, for instance, perhaps you are part of the group of those in your workplace, who sneer at your boss and say things behind him, say things, stab him in the back and say things behind him. Well, I think you should stop because if you start respecting the difference between your boss and what he has been able to accomplish,

In spite of all his faults, you will learn to honor him and when you learn to honor him, you will do things that win his favor. Wherever there is wisdom, there is honor. Wherever there is honor, there is favor.  Nobody’s gonna like you if you don’t respect their difference. So wherever there’s wisdom, there is honor, wherever there is honor there is favor and wherever there is favor, there is money, right? If your bank account is empty it means nobody’s thinking of you and no one likes you. No one is calling you to give you a contract.

No one is calling you to use your service. No one is calling to pay you for something. So, no one is thinking of you, because no one likes you. We will talk about this in the next episode. When we talk about favor, the money currency. So somebody has to like you for money to come to you, right? So wherever there’s wisdom there’s honor, wherever there is honor, there is favor. Wherever there’s favor there’s money. So wisdom is the true foundation for wealth. Because if you are wise, you will honor others when you honor others, you get favor. People think we only need money to buy things, but they are for or five different currencies which are more real than money. And if you have those currencies money will flow to you.

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