Hebrews. 4:12-13. The J.A.Kusi version.

 Hebrews. 4:12-13. The J.A.Kusi version.

 Heb. 4:12-13. The J.A.Kusi version.

“For the Word of God is an electric and tangible change-creating presence, and cuts finer, deeper and cleaner than any two-edged Sword, or laser technology, penetrating with distributive and grounding force to the deepest root and distinction of the things of the soul and spirit, and is able to generate the pulsating impulse of divine life stimulus in the nervous system and all cerebral faculties, blood vessels, cells and body organs thus shattering and transforming the sound, image and light spectrum, and the very thoughts, energies and balances of the brain and of the body, and is an unerring critical umpire and an infallible judge of the devices, meditations and imaginations of the heart.
Neither is there any particle, or substance in the natural, sub-natural or supernatural spectra, nor any being or essence, as to the matter or motive in the moral or psychological construction that is not fully exposed in the presence of the seeing Word of God. But all things are peeled of their covers, stripped down to their core and subjected to bare nakedness in the burning vision ray of the eyes of God.”

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