10 Things Everyone Should Understand About Pastors and Ministry. – Joseph Addai Kusi

pastors and ministry

10 Things Everyone Should Understand About Pastors and Ministry. – Joseph Addai Kusi

1) The ministry is not a social thing that can be reckoned and grasped with logic and common sense. That does not however exclude good thinking and sound reasoning. The ministry and the calling are a spiritual and heavenly appointment. Many appointed by men are not approved of God and many rejected by men are God’s heroes. This is why you need to be spiritually learned and Biblically literate to speak about issues of ministry.
2) The Word of God and prayer are the substance of ministry. These are the tools of the holy craft. If it was to be measured in man hours, this is what would count for heavenly ministry and true spiritual value.
The work of a man of God is to pray, study the Word of God and teach it. Officiating weddings and funerals are standard ministerial duties, but according to the heavenly pattern, the real work is the Word of God and prayer.
3) The work of ministry is not subject to the working schedule of the world, because it’s not secular. Contrary to what most think, pastors don’t sleep from Monday and wake up on Sunday, cook up a sermon and come to the pulpit. There are things about ministry only those in it understand just like only lawyers understand some things about the practice of law.
No one complains when pilots rest on a weekday after flying 14 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Lisbon, or when doctors rest in the morning after being called for a night emergency. It’s the nature of their work. So your busy Monday is the resting day for most ministers of the gospel because Sundays are full working days. They might even play golf on Monday, and why not? It is healthy. Also, ministry can make you so busy from Monday to Sunday you might forget you haven’t eaten. Every pastor understands what I’m saying.
4) Since the ministry is a heavenly appointment from God, only He can determine the terms of reward and compensation. And he says that ministers of the gospel should make a living from the gospel. In God’s mind, preaching is good enough work to make a servant of God a living. Yes, “just” preaching. Some say if a minister writes books and makes money, fine. But it is wrong for one to make a living from offerings and tithes. Well, that is clear Biblical illiteracy or spiritual ignorance. Not every minister uses this right though. It is the right of every minister of the gospel but often, time, situations and wisdom makes it necessary to act as though it’s not a right.
5) The Ministry is Highly Honourable. Yes, this honour comes from God. Satan and his world have tried to vilify and dishonour the ministry, but it still remains the seal of God’s highest honour on a man- to live for the ministry of the Word of God. Charlatans and frauds come up everyday, but the honour remains on the office of the ministry.
6) The Ministry is Not For Dummies and Life-Dropouts. Many think that being a pastor is for those who failed in school, return from jail, lost their job or have no real prospects for a successful career life. This is why very good and responsible Christian people in our society shudder to think that any of their children would venture such pretensions. Why do you want to disgrace me? Some of the world’s finest minds and brightest stars are preachers.
7) Pastors have private lives just like anybody. They have families and wives and children, and in their private moments, they don’t act like “men of the cloth.” So, if you see a pastor and his wife shopping in your favourite mall and giggling playfully, don’t let your eyes get big. If you know him, say hello and go home. Most influential ministers have to hide from the prying and judgmental public eye. At a point, those who can afford it have to get personal security and then people start talking? You have never been attacked with a knife by a stranger whilst preaching before. Interestingly, almost every seasoned minister I know tells that same story. Even Jesus many times had to be protected from assault.
8) Ministers deserve the good things they get. A lot of good things money can’t buy and also that money can buy come to a man of God who has been faithful over a period of time- it is Biblical and spiritually right. So, don’t be so eager to question why a pastor has a good car when there are poor people in the church. Remember Judas said same concerning Jesus when nard perfume worth a year’s salary was poured on his feet.
Why should a pastor live well with his family when there are poor people in the church? How much of your last salary went to the poor? It is because people have no honour for God, his Word and his servants. Why do architects, lawyers and doctors live well when there are poor people around? Of course, they deserve their money,don’t they? But ministers of the gospel don’t deserve their rewards quite as much, right? So the only way to enforce that assertion is for pastors to sell their homes and possessions and give to the poor, right? Then only will your view of what a minister should is be fulfilled- poor, quiet and humble. Next time you fly luxury and you see a minister in the same loft, focus on your screen. Godwin Martey
9) Based on the words and ministry of Jesus, a man of God is known by his Words, Works and Fruits. Every Christian must bear the fruit of the spirit, not just preachers. So fruit-bearing in character and life are important for ministers, who after all are Christians too. But what distinguishes a man of God are his Words and his Works. Fruits protect what God sent a man to say and what he sent him to do. How do I know someone is a man of God? Listen to his words whether they are from God and are according to the knowledge and wisdom that is in Christ. Then mark his works.
10) A man of God is always backed by God and we see this in works. It could be healings, miracles, special deeds or a certain area of record like planting churches or winning a massive number of souls at crusades.(Billy Graham) Just because a person is a quiet, gentle and honorable man who preaches does not make him a man of God. And that a person works miracles doesn’t make him one either. In the ministry of Jesus, his words, his works and his fruits testified that he was sent from God.

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