The Power of Doctrine – Joseph Addai Kusi

The Power of Doctrine – Joseph Addai Kusi

The church in the first three years of her advent was an educational institution for instruction in the Word and doctrine of God. Her primal educators were the apostles who received the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the mystery of God. Of them, it was said- these are they who have turned the world upside down. What is doctrine? It is any system of teaching with clear principles and a robust frame of reference. Isaac Newton postulated the basic doctrine and principles of physics- The Newtonian laws. Doctors have to go through medical school and be taught the doctrine of medicine; biochemistry, physiology, anatomy etc. Nothing can substitute for this. You either know it or not. Lawyers study the doctrine of law many years before being called to the bar. If all you learned in law school is ethical and moral principles- don’t lie in court, would that make you ready to be an attorney? You need to understand law. Doctrines and ideologies control the world- Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism. These evil doctrines have destroyed the human race because the minds of men were polluted by Satanic ideology. All the men who influenced the course of history were doctrinaires- Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, Da Vinci, Luther, Marx and of course, Jesus.

The church is a school with an education in the doctrine of God which is Christ. Christ is the holy curriculum and the canon by which the church is prepared and perfected for her Lord to possess the world. Modern liberalism has entered the church especially in Europe. We only teach moral and ethical principles with motivational and inspirational nuggets, but not doctrine. This is not the Word of God at all! The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are extremely powerful even if we don’t want to admit it, and so are the Mohammedans. What do they have in common? They teach their doctrines to their people ALL THE TIME. Can you dispute with a Jehovah’s Witness? You just feel he’s wrong but you don’t even know why. You can’t prove it. Preaching is for unbelievers. Teaching is for the church. If we will become an electric force in God’s hand to take over the world, we must teach doctrine.

Teach the Christ of God and the deep and great things of the Bible. Now is the time for us to spend 7 hours in church on the Lord’s day and teach, teach and teach again. Teach what? The doctrine of The True God and His Christ. From the primal mystic genius of the first two chapters of Genesis, the priestly ordinances and grain and meat offerings of Exodus and Leviticus, through the Covenants and nationhood of Israel, the dark sayings of the prophets, the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah and Zechariah, the determined times and visions of the end in Daniel through the sayings of Jesus and the Revelation of Paul, the Christ all in all reality by the church to the mystery of Book of Revelation by John. All this must be taught as the Christ and His fullness. It is a heavenly course – the doctrine of God. If we have the truth and keep silent about it, let’s not complain if lies have the upper hand. The world is not destroyed by the evil of wicked men but by the silence of good men. Pastors, teachers and Christians, let’s settle down and decrypt the mystery of God and His Christ. Let’s study and teach doctrine.

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