The 10 Things that are Most Envied – J. A Kusi

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The 10 Things that are Most Envied – J. A Kusi

In this world, envy is a fact of life, and everyone must face it, who is blessed or distinguished in any way. Some things invite more envy than others. Here are, in my estimation ten things that attract green eyes, from the lowest to the highest.
1. MONEY: Money wins the tenth position, together with the things it can buy. Most people in the world will never be rich. The rich distinguish themselves by their possessions. It is last on the list because it is what one has, and can be acquired by others too.
2. POWER AND PRIVILEGE: Any kind of power, high social status or exclusive rank brings envy. Many find the political, social or organizational power of others oppressive. History is replete with rulers and leaders who were executed when they were no longer in power. The upper classes of society are the envy of the masses.
3. A WINDFALL : A great leap forward, a promotion, a unique achievement, a sudden victory; anything that looks like a windfall, happening for you out of nowhere creates envy. When seemingly out of nowhere, you become a minister of state or head of your organization, your colleagues and friends become more irritable to everything you say or do.
All of sudden, your failure to attend their child’s graduation becomes an insult. If your pay is increased suddenly relative to that of your colleagues at work, expect envy. Also of note is the victory won out of the blue by boldness, wit or courage. Such things inspire envy because they give you things everyone is afraid to attempt. These three concern what one has.
4. ARTISTIC GIFT OR TALENT: All excellence in art arouse envy. The gifted painter, singer, sculptor, musician and writer should expect eyes to follow them wherever they go. Finesse of hand and mind is a treasure coveted by many, and a tax of envy is levied upon the one who enjoys its blessings. Bramante and Michelangelo are a case in point.
5. UNIQUE SKILL OR ABILITY: In addition to natural talent, some run ahead of the pack in terms of their acquired and trained skills and abilities. The able orator, the impeccable speaker of English or French, the skilful boxer, soccer player, the fine cook. The finest practitioner or master of the age old traditions and styles of Chinese wu-shu in any province was always envied by other masters and schools; these were martial arts that took decades to perfect, and came with great respect and honour.
I find that the art and skill of writing beautifully is one that even kings and popes envy. Four hundred years ago, writers were feared and revered. Then, you had to be a master of penmanship to be read or taken seriously as an author.
Henry David Thoreau noted, “Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations. Books, the oldest and the best, stand naturally and rightfully on the shelves of every cottage. They have no cause of their own to plead, but while they enlighten and sustain the reader, his common sense will not refuse them.
Their authors are a natural and irresistible aristocracy in every society, and more than kings and emperors, exert an influence on mankind.” Even more enviable is the ability to write coherently and create books quickly and prolifically.
6. A RELATIONSHIP TO SOMEONE: People envy the one who is close to or has a special relationship with someone they want to be close to; a wifely status to a man of power, a close assistant to a great man, a travelling companion to a special person, a favourite of the king. These invite envy because they are unique positions in relation to someone, which others cannot have. This and the two prior generally concern what one can do.
7. BEAUTY: Being easy on the eyes, is a thing many people yearn for every day. The woman who is endowed with natural good looks will be hated for no reason by many other women.
It becomes worse if your beauty is of the kind that allows you to have and do things others can’t do. For instance, you may be able to wear something unflattering and still make it look great, or wear no make- up and still look better than everyone in the room. If a full term of pregnancy and childbirth also have no effect on your beauty, someone will not like it. Good looks in a man also comes with its devils of envy.
8. NATURAL GRACE AND CHARISMA: If your mere presence inspires favour and admiration, and people are drawn to you because you are you; if a room full of people would pick you to lead out of ten contestants, without any knowledge of the contestants or speech from them, congratulations, you have won third place among the ten most envied. Envy follows the charismatic one.
9. REFINED TASTE AND SOPHISTICATION: Our second runner up is the one who has fine taste in everything. His clothes, shoes and bags always seem to be from another planet; we just can’t find them anywhere to buy. Even if he wears what we all wear, his looks like the real one. He has knowledge about the world, its people, cultures and he reads good books. She uses four-letter verbs and nouns we can’t spell, and to add to that, she has a compelling confidence about her. This person would have been the most envied were it not for…
10. SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE: Drumroll……The top spot goes to the one who knows everything, knows how to know everything, and knows how to know how to do everything.
He seems to be a genius among men, touched by some divine power that elevates his mental exercise to a lofty excellence.
I am talking about the one who was born knowing everything, and has the ability to communicate and use that power in speech and action. No one is more envied than this genius Joseph, the one whose dreams, words and actions mark him out to be of some unique and great destiny, a once-in-a generation kind of person. It also applies to any gifted person who exhibits a divine miraculous once-in-a lifetime ability, so that it is clear that all others fall behind. I would cite Whitney Houston as an example, a voice that stands way above all others, something divine. Lionel Messi also certainly fits the bill.
Superior intelligence intimidates even the rich, the powerful and the privileged. The one with this gift seems to be a star, a person chosen by destiny like Daniel or Solomon.
Often possessing sublime eloquence, a huge capacity for learning and absorbing knowledge, he suffers the worst envy. If he also has social skills and the skill of writing well, his powers multiply and so does the envy of those around him. Such people are envied because almost everyone feels inferior to them. Like Joseph, the exceedingly rare people with this gift often lack the common sense to hide it; they make the mistake of displaying it thinking it will impress others.
If you are endowed in any of these last three, especially this one, you will be accused of the sin of having no sin; your fault is that you are perfect and you will be hated for it. Beware of flaunting your gifts: only gods and the dead can seem perfect with impunity.
Don’t bemoan your faults and imperfections too much. They may be a means by which God has preserved the precious things he put in you. If you exposed a bag of gold in a market place, you may very well not get away with it. But if it was hidden in a dirty ragged sack, you could probably pass through safely. Hence, the wisdom of God.       Also ReadThe Envy of The World’
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